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Email Marketing Software by ekmResponse

ekmResponse is an online email marketing system that allows you to email all your customers and contacts with your own email newsletters, email marketing campaigns, ezines, etc.

Once a campaign has been sent out you can use ekmResponse to track who has opened your emails, manage your bounce backs and see which contacts haven’t opened your email. You can even see which links they clicked within your email campaign.

What our customers say about us

ekmResponse is the answer to my prayers, I have been searching for a suitable mailing list service for a long time.

Amanda Perkins | The Natural Dye Studio

Whenever we have done a mailshot using ekmResponse we have noticed an increase in traffic to our site and our sales go up.

Kim Hunter | Senti Limited

Ekm Systems have already proven to us to be the "plug and play" of the eCommerce industry, so we jumped at the chance to use ekmResponse.

Adrian Robinson | The Toolbox Shop

Email marketing is one part of our overall marketing strategy. We see ekmResponse as an integral part of keeping our customers informed.

Michael Ring | Abtec Industries

ekmResponse was chosen for being a cost effective and reliable resource suiting our business needs.

Alex High | Commensus

ekmResponse is a great tool. Marketing campaigns can easily be created and I recommend it as a must have for all customers.

Laura Ekwensi | Lego Playsets

The benefits of using ekmResponse

Easy to use

ekmResponse makes it easy to create and send email marketing newsletters, ezines, special offers and many more email based marketing. Simply signup for an account and within seconds you will be able to add contacts to your email campaign and start sending our email.

Online Based System

Unlike other email marketing software and bulk emailer solutions, ekmResponse is fully hosted which means there is no complicated installation, no server administration, no setting up complicated email scripts, no purchasing of additional required elements such as ip address ranges etc... You have everything you need straight away.

No Experience Required

Creating an email marketing contact group and email marketing your contacts shouldn’t be complicated, yet most email marketing companies offer systems that require advanced training before you can even send some simple bulk emails.

ekmResponse is different, it’s been built to be easy to use for all users. As long as you’re capable of surfing the internet you’re capable of creating your own email marketing campaigns, sending them out and tracking the results.

Free Customer Support

Sending an email marketing campaign using any email marketing software or bulk email software can be quite daunting, however ekmResponse is designed to be very easy to use. If you want to talk to someone for help and advice however you can do with our free UK based technical support.

No Contract

With the ekmResponse hosted email marketing software there is no contract. We believe our email marketing software / email marketing system is the best on the market.

Our market leading position as a email marketing company means we can develop our bulk email software extensively to ensure it is the best out there.

We know you are here to make money from your email marketing campaigns. With ekmResponse we will not tie you in to any contracts or minimum lease periods, giving your business that flexibility and assurance in our confidence of our email marketing software capabilities.

If you wish to cancel your account you can do so at any time.

Avoid Being Classed as Spam

It is important that your email marketing efforts actually reach your contact list, these days most people employ Spam filters and Anti-Spam software either on their PC or their mail server. To help ensure your ekmResponse email marketing doesn’t get classified as spam we have a variety of techniques.

Firstly we allow you to run your email newsletter or email marketing through a real life spam filter to see what spam score it would get… if it fails and get classified as spam you can simply re-work your email until it passes with flying colours.

Secondly we, as an ISP, have relationships with all the other major ISP and telecom providers ensuring we can keep our servers white listed which means your email doesn’t get blocked as it would if you were bulk emailing through outlook or another email client.

Monitor and Track Your Campaigns

Track the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign with ekmResponse's powerful control panel. Measure read rates, un-subscription rates and all vital stats concerning your email marketing.

Customisable Email Templates

ekmResponse has a great selection of free email templates for you to choose from for your email marketing campaigns.

Stunning Email Templates

Choose from our stunning range of templates. Customise with your branding and content for maximum impact.