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Email Marketing Campaign Software Features

Here are just a few of the hundreds of features in ekmResponse...

ekmResponse Advantages

Free Technical Support

You will have access to our in-house team of customer services technicians both via email and on the telephone. All our agents are trained to help with any technical issues and more importantly to offer advice on how you can improve your account and increase your sales. Our call centre is based in the UK in our own offices and is open between 9am – 5:30pm during the week and email support on Saturdays.

No Contract

We are so confident that you will find ekmResponse so easy and powerful to use that we do not tie you into a contract. You can cancel your account at anytime with no release fees or penalty charges.

No Software to Install

ekmResponse is a online based system, this means you simply need a username and password to access your control panel anywhere in the world. All you need is a PC with an internet connection to login, create, manage or monitor your email marketing with ekmResponse.

Automatic Upgrades

ekmResponse is always evolving and being upgraded and updated with the latest technologies without you having to lift a finger. Our team of developers are always working on new features and functionality and these are uploaded on a almost daily basis ensuring your email campaigns are always making full use of the internet.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If your not happy with ekmResponse we offer a full money back guarantee. Terms and Conditions apply.

Building Email Contact Groups

Automatically create "signup to our newsletter" forms

ekmResponse will automatically create you signup forms you can add to your website which your visitors can then simply add their email address and click "signup" and hey-presto... they are on your mailing list.

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Import from File

If you already have a contact database or spreadsheet with all of your email addresses on it; then ekmResponse allows you to import them in with no fuss. If you have first name and last name columns on your spreadsheet, then ekmResponse will also personalise your email. Just like mail merge – for the 21st century.

Copy and Paste

You can of course add contacts to ekmResponse by simply copy and pasting them in or manually typing them in.

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Eccomerce Integration

ekmResponse is integrated with the leading ecommerce software on the market, ekmPowershop. If you have an ekmPowershop ecommerce website, then your customer’s details can be quickly and easily imported into ekmResponse at the click of a button. ekmResponse will keep synced with your online shops customers automatically.

Creating Email Marketing Campaigns

Easy to use WYSIWYG editor

The editor you use to create your emails is just like the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that you use when composing a standard email in your usual email client such as Outlook.

Easy Image Uploader

Easily upload images and place them within your emails. Simply drag and drop your images where you need them and resize them to fit.

Email Templates

ekmResponse has a great selection of email templates for you to choose from for your email marketing campaign.

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Full HTML Access

For those advanced users who prefer to work in code you can simply create your email newsletter using HTML code. This means you can use any HTML design tool to create your email marketing campaign.

Full Email Design Service

Don’t spot a template you like? Cant or don’t want to create your own from scratch? Well let our extensive design team help you. For a small charge we can create you any design you require.

Sending Email Marketing Campaigns

Test Send

Before you send a campaign you can send it to yourself and a few other contacts to check it all looks right and there are no mistakes.

Scheduled Sending

When your email marketing campaign is ready to go out you can either send it straight away or schedule it to go out at a specific time on a specific date. This gives you ultimate control over your marketing campaigns and allows you to send campaigns at the best times for your contacts.

Dedicated Email Servers

Our dedicated servers mean we can send out email campaigns very quickly, this ensures that your campaigns are delivered on time.

White Listed Email Marketing Provider

As a large ISP (Internet Service Provider) ourselves we have relationships with all the other ISP’s which means we can get our mail servers white listed to ensure your email isn’t blocked as spam or for sending too many emails.

White listing is essential for any successful email marketing initiative. Basically all ISPs have white lists and black lists. Black lists are where domains are kept by ISPs so they can block all mail sent from them; usually if they are found to be spamming. Therefore white listing is imperative to have peace of mind that your email marketing gets read by the end user. ekmResponse makes sure your email marketing hits your recipients’ inbox.

Tracking Email Marketing Campaigns

Real-Time Tracking

You can see who is reading your email right now in real-time on a world map.

Full Reporting

You can see graphs and pie charts showing you all the stats you could possibly want on the success or failure of your email campaign.

Un-Subscribe Management

Don’t worry about having to manually remove contacts from your mail listings when they click on ‘unsubscribe’ on your email. ekmResponse automatically removes it from your contact group for speed and efficiency, leaving you to get on with the important things.

Bounce Management

When your contacts bounce ekmResponse keeps track of it and over time will remove them from your mailing list.