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email marketing software
Michael Ring
Abtec Industries Ltd

speechEmail marketing is one part of our overall marketing strategy to become the leading supplier of precision abrasives in the UK, and to help develop and expand our growing export markets. We see ekmResponse as an integral part of keeping our customers informed.

The process of creating an email marketing campaign with ekmResponse is easy and we find using the templates provided or designing your own is very easy too. Also, the analysis tools provided can be very useful in determining the success of your campaign.

As we have targeted only existing customers, we noticed a rapid increase almost immediately - not only in orders processed through our website, but more especially enquiries and orders over the phone.

ekmResponse was chosen for being a cost effective and reliable resource suiting our business needs. Along with a friendly and easy to use interface they also have great customer support and have proved to be only a phone call away in any situation.

The email campaigns we have sent out provide not only a fruitful and steady rise of new clients but also help raising business awareness.

speechekmResponse was chosen for being a cost effective and reliable resource suiting our business needs.

Along with a friendly and easy to use interface they also have great customer support and have proved to be only a phone call away in any situation.

The email campaigns we have sent out provide not only a fruitful and steady rise of new clients but also help raising business awareness.

email marketing software
Alex High
Commensus Plc
email marketing software
Laura Ekwensi
Lego Playsets

speechekmResponse is a great tool. Marketing campaigns can easily be created and I recommend it as a must have for all customers.

The difference in sales from email marketing with ekmResponse is noticeable. Recently we did a campaign for our Google Checkout customers from January 2009 to date. The result was a stunning increase in our Google Checkout sales. The result was so encouraging we went back and also added customers on our mailing list from 2008 as well!

ekmResponse is a must have for every business. The prices are competitive. The tool is easy to use. The results will be visible in your sales, and satisfying as you watch your customers come back. As with everything Ekm Systems do, it is always improving always getting better.

speechEach week we generate about 10 orders from the weekly e-mail campaigns we do, depending on what offer we have, so ekmResponse is worth every penny.

We do customer only offers, such as 5% discount for 1 week only, clearance offers, latest news about new lines of stock in, and price comparison with the competition. We also inform customers of the seasonal range arriving into stock so they are first to know of any new changes to our website.

Before ekmResponse was released, I enquired with another company well known in the UK. They wanted £600 set up fee and £100 per month which I was gob smacked at! It has been so valuable and I can’t believe we never used to do it! It is the cheapest on the market and the most user friendly. The design templates offer a great choice and have something for every season including Xmas and Valentines Day.

email marketing software
Maria De Vito
The Italian Deli
email marketing software
William Lonsdale
Convertape Ltd

speechEmail marketing with ekmResponse has been invaluable - to be able to get our information out to so many people in a few clicks. Add to that the ability through the dashboard to see how many emails have been opened and how many remain unopened etc. is perfect. We can see this tool becoming the most important and integral product in our marketing strategies.

The advice I would give to others is simple, if you're one of our competitors don't use it!! But seriously, I would heartily recommend you give it a try. What have you got to lose? There is a 30 Day money back guarantee, a free account for up to 100 contacts and on top of all that you're not even tied in to a contract so can end it at anytime.

The question is not ‘why should you?', but more like ‘why haven't you yet?

speechEmail marketing has always been an important part of our business. We are featured heavily in the press and have many customers who visit us to purchase a particular item they have seen in the press on the printed page.

Before ekmResponse we would have to download our customers’ details into excel cut and paste the email addresses into Outlook and then, because of Outlook and our server’s restrictions, we would have to send the same email dozens of times. We would have no way of managing the bounce backs, seeing how many of our emails had been read or cleansing our list. With ekmResponse there is obviously a much greater delivery rate as we have customers stating that they were pleased to receive our email and, they had not been contacted before.

We look forward to the many new and exciting ways we can engage our customers, increase repeat purchases and exceed our targets with the help of ekmResponse and its team of helpful advisors.

email marketing software
Lawrence White
Roullier White Ltd
email marketing software
Adrian Robinson
The Toolbox Shop

speechBefore ekmResponse came along we were already looking at newsletter tools and email services but were put off by the price and the complexity of some of the service providers.

Ekm Systems have already proven to us to be the "plug and play" of the eCommerce industry, so it was with full confidence that we jumped at the chance to use ekmResponse.

We were not surprised when we started the draft of the first newsletter at the ease of building a professional and eye-catching email.

With the many templates available we found the right format for us easily.

The team at Ekm have come up with the goods again and have devised a system that caters for various advertising budgets from corporate down to corner shop.

Couple that with the service that we have come to expect from Ekm Systems, and you have a professional, versatile and easy to use tool that compliments our online presence and increases our customer base and sales.

Score: 10 out of 10 for ekmResponse, and I don't give 10s out lightly.

speechEmail marketing is crucial to our company's success. ekmResponse offers many easy-to-use templates that allow us to create an eye-catching professional email newsletter within minutes. We can now keep in touch with our customers and newsletter subscribers on a regular basis.

The various tracking features ekmResponse uses helps us see the most successful aspects of our email marketing. Of particular benefit is the ability to see how many times each email has been read.

Basically, we just have to worry about keeping the content interesting and the offers irresistible... and ekmResponse does the rest!

email marketing software
Andrew Bragg
Ties Planet
email marketing software
Amanda Perkins
The Natural Dye Studio

speechekmResponse is the answer to my prayers, I have been searching for a suitable mailing list service for a long time.

I send out a newsletter to my customers each month, which until ekmResponse came along involved sending 50 mails at a time from 3 different addresses and took several days.

All the other services I found were either too complicated to use or far too expensive.

ekmResponse is easy to understand, simple to use, very good value for money and I have already recommended it to several business friends.

speechWhenever we have done a mailshot using ekmResponse we have noticed an increase in traffic to our site and our sales go up.

You have no idea how much time you have saved me! I used to have to send mail shots to all my customers manually, checking every address, taking several emails. It was so tedious. Now I just press a button in ekmResponse and it automatically updates all my web customer addresses direct from my ecommerce website; no duplicates, no hassle. I can easily remove any bounced email addresses and unsubscribe ones. AND I can create as many different types of customer databases I want for my trade customers, sorting them into those that take one product or another.

ekmResponse’s support is first class and based in the UK and you don’t have to wait ages or press heaps of numbers to get through to them.

email marketing software
Kim Hunter
Senti Limited