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Building Email Contact Groups

Getting contacts to actually email is the first stage of any email campaign, with ekmResponse you can easily import from an existing list of email addresses, import from your online shop or 3rd party system and you can even add "signup to our newsletter" forms to your existing websites.

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Automatically create "signup to our newsletter" forms

ekmResponse will automatically create you signup forms you can add to your website which your visitors can then simply add their email address and click "signup" and hey-presto... they are on your mailing list.

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Import from File

If you already have a contact database or spreadsheet with all of your email addresses on it; then ekmResponse allows you to import them in with no fuss. If you have first name and last name columns on your spreadsheet, then ekmResponse will also personalise your email. Just like mail merge – for the 21st century.

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Copy and Paste

You can of course add contacts to ekmResponse by simply copy and pasting them in or manually typing them in.

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Eccomerce Integration

ekmResponse is integrated with the leading ecommerce software on the market, ekmPowershop. If you have an ekmPowershop ecommerce website, then your customer’s details can be quickly and easily imported into ekmResponse at the click of a button. ekmResponse will keep synced with your online shops customers automatically.