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Sending Email Marketing Campaigns

You have got your contacts; you have got your email now you need to get it sent. With ekmResponse you can send your email marketing campaign to millions of contacts quickly and on time.

email marketing campaigns

Test Send

Before you send a campaign you can send it to yourself and a few other contacts to check it all looks right and there are no mistakes.

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Scheduled Sending

When your email marketing campaign is ready to go out you can either send it straight away or schedule it to go out at a specific time on a specific date. This gives you ultimate control over your marketing campaigns and allows you to send campaigns at the best times for your contacts.


Dedicated Email Servers

Our dedicated servers mean we can send out email campaigns very quickly, this ensures that your campaigns are delivered on time.

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White Listed Email Marketing Provider

As a large ISP (Internet Service Provider) ourselves we have relationships with all the other ISP’s which means we can get our mail servers white listed to ensure your email isn’t blocked as spam or for sending too many emails.