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Tracking Email Marketing Campaigns

With ekmResponse you can send to millions of contacts if you wanted to and every single email will be tracked. You will know who has opened your email, which links they have clicked. You will also know which emails have bounced and those which just haven’t been opened. With ekmResponse you can track everything!

tracking email campaigns

Realtime Tracking

You can see who is reading your email right now in real-time on a world map.

tracking bulk email

Full Reporting

You can see graphs and pie charts showing you all the stats you could possibly want on the success or failure of your email campaign. You can also export this data.

tracking email bounce rates

Un-Subscribe Management

Don’t worry about having to manually remove contacts from your mail listings when they click on ‘unsubscribe’ on your email. ekmResponse automatically removes it from your contact group for speed and efficiency, leaving you to get on with the important things.

tracking marketing campaigns

Bounce Management

When your contacts bounce ekmResponse keeps track of it and over time will remove them from your mailing list.