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Email Marketing Software Overview | Email Marketing Software

So you want to send emails to your customers, contact, friends or members of a club?

This is where Email Marketing Software helps...

Email marketing software like ekmResponse enables you to send out bulk email campaigns to your contacts.

Why not just use my existing email client?

If you have a small list of say 50-100 or so contacts a standard email client such as Microsoft’s Outlook will enable you to email them all fine. However as you get to larger and larger contact groups you will start encountering problems with using a standard email client.

For a start your mail provider will block you for sending bulk email without permission and there is a high chance you could get blocked for sending spam.

It is very hard / near impossible to manage bounce backs and track conversion rates using a standard email client.

Contacts who receive your email need a way of removing themselves from your email list (otherwise you're breaking the law)... with a standard email client this will be a long and laborious task.

ekmResponse is an easy to use email marketing system that enables you to...

  • Easily create contact groups of people you want to email
  • Easily add “subscribe to our newsletter” style forms to your existing websites
  • Easily create an email newsletter, ezine, special offer, etc...
  • Easily check to see if your email is going to get classed as spam and modify it
  • Easily send out your email campaign to thousands of contacts
  • Easily track who has opened your email
  • Easily track which emails have bounced and automatically manage your bounce lists
  • Easily see which links your contacts have clicked on