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Exporting Customer Details from PayPal

Export Contacts from Paypal

As you can carry out email marketing to all your previous customers, you may wish to send a mailshot to all those that have made a purchase for example, from your eBay store.

If this is the case, you will have a list of customer details stored in your PayPal account.

You can very easily export all these customer details, so that you can then import them into your account.

This guide will walk you through how to export your customer contact details from your PayPal account.

To begin, log into your PayPal account. Once in the initial "My Account" area, hover your mouse cursor over the "History" sub-tab. You will see a drop down menu appear. In the drop down menu, click "Basic Search" - as highlighted below:

Export Contacts from PayPal

You will then see "from" and "to" date fields. Click the calendar icon next to the "to" value, to choose the date you want to export your data from. Likewise, in the "from" value, choose the date in which you want to export your contacts up to:

Selecting the PayPal export dates

Once the date range is selected, click the "Download: CSV" link over to the right, just beyond the selected date range - as shown below:

Downloading PayPal CSV file

You will then see a popup window asking what filetype you would like to download the file as. Simply choose the "CSV" option:

Confirming the PayPal CSV download

Once selected, the familiar web browser prompt will appear, asking you where you would like to save the file to. Simply choose your preferred location and click "save":

Exporting the PayPal CSV file

You now have a CSV file of all your previous customers within the date range you selected.

Now all you need to do is import that data, but making sure you format the file accordingly so the ekmResponse system can understand the data you are uploading. A guide on how to do this part, can be found here.